Things to do Before A Waxing Treatment

before waxing tips

Choose your process

Choose the hair-removal method you wish to employ and then stick to this. For those who are treating a specific area with lasers then do not wax over there between your appointments. This is because you should not disturb the roots. It has been said that the hair’s root tends to be the target therefore it needs to be there when treatment is occurring. If you get rid of the follicle when waxing and tweezing, then the laser will not be able to produce its results.

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What you can do After Waxing

after waxing tips

Soothe burning

Employ aloe, cortisone or maybe Neosporin immediately succeeding waxing which may be able to calm the redness and irritation that may be present.

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Some Bikini / Brazilian Waxing Tips

Bikini Wax Tips


It is good to exfoliate daily so as to limit ingrown hair. Do not shave your hair before your bikini wax as hair needs to be the appropriate length so that the wax can pull out this hair.

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