Edmonton Spray Tanning Services

When your natural skin tone needs a little touch up, we have Edmonton spray tanning services available on the west side of town. Our professional spray tan solutions offer anyone the chance to get a darker complexion with out harmful ultra violet skin damage or risk of sun burns. Our tans are organic, paraben free, alcohol free and completely safe.

Did you know that tanned skin simply looks better to most people? Not only is tan an easy way to lose ten pounds visually but it also makes people look healthier and more vibrant. Of course, science is also proven that traditional tanning in the sun puts your skin at risk for ultra violet exposure, sun burns and potentially skin cancer.

Our clients are looking for all the benefits of professional tanning with out the risks and side effects from natural tans. We are pleased to be able to offer professional spray tanning Edmonton services to clients. That's right, for $42 you can get all the benefits of a fully tanned body with none of the risks, side effects or other undesirables that accompany a day sun tanning unprotected.

Since 2008, our affordable spray tanning team has been providing West Edmonton residents with friendly, licensed spray tanning solutions. Many customers come in from Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Morrinville, Llyodminster and Red Deer, AB. Why would they do that? Its simple, our body spray tan team is rated one of the best spray tanning salons near South Edmonton.

What is a spray tan? Simply put, you take off your clothes in a private room and our professional team instructs you to rotate your body while we use a spray tanning gun to gently and lightly coat your body with a non toxic spray tanning solution that really works. We can work together to ensure that the new color is even and as dark as you request. We can give you a light glow or a completely new darker complexion. The best part about our licensed services is that it lasts for up to ten days and has no side effects.

Whether its simply for everyday life, an important family gathering or a graduation, we have a spray tan that is perfect for you. When pale skin simply won't do, trust our team at Artistry Esthetics to deliver an affordable tanning solution for you.