Skin Care Tips for Men

Some Skin Care Points for Men


You can wash your face using a cleanser that is good. Are you that type of man who takes very hot showers and employs harsh soaps and face scrubs? This is not good as it may make your skin become dry. Dry skin appears wrinkly and looks older. Find a gentle cleanser which will cleanse your skin removing dirt plus oil which can accumulate.


Exfoliation is the removal of those dead skin cells which are present upon the surface so as to give new skin cells underneath. It has been claimed that skin tends to exfoliate naturally, but when we get older, this process of exfoliation initiates slowing down therefore it needs help. Exfoliation may be able to aid in cleaning out the dirty stuff which may get lodged within your pores. You may try out an exfoliant which has scrubby particles which may aid in smoothing your skin as well as eliminating dullness. An exfoliant may also aid in softening the hair follicles that may lead to you getting a closer and less irritating type of shave.

Shaving against the grain is not encouraged

You should not go against the grain when shaving. You should not shave in a way that is against the direction your hair growth. This may result in the blade nicking the precise buried surface of your hair follicle leading to inflammation. Therefore shave in that direction which feels smooth. Try and do only one shaving stroke upon each section of your face.

Try and lather up by using water

When you shave dry this may hurt the skin that you have. This may lead to the blade experiencing friction, moreover lead to multiple passes particularly with the razor which will enhance the possibilities of cuts, ingrown hair as well as acne. Just putting on shaving cream by itself may not help.

You should wet your skin. If you have skin that is sensitive and experience difficulty when shaving you can try shaving within the shower or right after your shower. This is because your hair plus skin may be softer along with suppler making it simpler to shave. When your skin is wet as well as warm then you may employ a good mild shave gel. You may also try out a shave cream which may lubricate your skin as well as soften your hair. Allow this to remain upon your skin for about a minute or maybe more prior to beginning to shave.

Choose the correct razor for you

It seems like companies are releasing new multi-blade type of razors. If you have skin that is sensitive, acne-prone and also that has ingrown hairs, sometimes actually less is more for you. Ingrown hairs may occur most often within individuals that have curly hair and coarse hair, or even hair which grows within different directions. The multi-blade type of razors may let you shave nicely particularly in one pass, therefore those who tend to be irritated by multiple shaves, this may help. For those who tend to have ingrown hairs, you may try employing a two blade type of razor, as it claims to not cut as close.

Be alert for nickel allergies. It may be so that your skin experiences irritation from your watches back. For those who have an allergy it may be so that you may want to try employing titanium blade razors.

Try and stay away from aftershave plus scented products

You may be noticing that many luxury men’s lines tend to be coming on cosmetic shelves, you should know that many may have dyes as well as scents which may aggravate men’s skin. If you see unscented written alone, or fragrance-free written on a product, this does not confirm that it has no fragrance. This is because they may employ masking fragrances. You can look for products that say for sensitive skin. It has been said that aftershaves tend to be more for fragrance, these may actually sting. They may not be good for those individuals who have sensitive skin. You can instead try employing a moisturizer that is light and oil-free while your skin tends to still be damp.

Be alert for acne triggering type of products

Acne tends to not only be a teen issue. Some men may experience this in their adult life as well. It has been claimed that men possess, on average, a bit more oily skin in comparison to women as testosterone encourages sebum formation within the hair follicles. You can try getting shaving as well as skincare products which have the term “non-comedogenic” or maybe “oil-free” written. The term non-comedogenic claims that it will not lead to blackheads and whiteheads. The term oil-free generally claims to be the same thing, nevertheless if it has non-comedogenic written this may actually be better. This may actually mean that it may have been tested.

Facial moisturizer

If you moisturize every day you may be able to get skin that is soft. You can get a good fragrance-free product.


Always put sunscreen when going out. You may want to get a moisturizer which has an SPF of 30 or maybe higher. You may nevertheless want to have a separate bottle of a good sunscreen. No sunscreen increases the risk of acquiring sun damage that may lead to redness, skin cancer, extra blood vessels as well as irritation.

Remain hydrated

You need to moisturize your skin from inside as well. Drink six to around eight glasses of water daily.

Do not have too much sugar

High sugar diets may lead to inflammation that may cause breakouts. Yes cookies, soft drinks, cake as well as donuts tend to be obvious offenders, but also see how much sugar is present in seemingly healthy and savory-tasting foods, for instance protein bars, flavored yogurt etc. These may give much sugar to you.

Avoid much sun

Damaging rays are said to increase the speed of the aging process. They may do this by slowing down essential collagen formation as well as cell growth therefore making your skin lose its elasticity. Therefore get a good sunscreen. You may want to try out a moisturizer that has an SPF of say 15 or even higher which gives broad-spectrum type of protection.

Get adequate amounts of sleep

Get about seven to around eight hours of sleep. Your body should have consistent sleep.

Fruits and vegetables

Have a variety of fruits as well as vegetables. Every fruit and vegetable contains different antioxidants that may aid you out. These compounds claim to aid in fighting off free radicals, i.e. molecules which exacerbate the impacts of inflammation, aging, plus sun damage. Try and have five to about seven servings or even more of fruits plus vegetables daily.

Limit stress

It has been claimed that stress impacts the skin in a bad way. Your hormone levels may be thrown into a flux that may harm healthy skin cells that may allow you to become more likely to get wrinkles as well as breakouts. Therefore try to recharge as well as relax.

Stop smoking

Smoking claims to limit circulation plus collagen formation, therefore letting your skin lose its vital natural coloring making it look sallow as well as pale. Smoking may also result in fine lines present around your lips along with other signs of annoying premature aging.

Any products that you want to get it is better to check their ingredients and test them out. Know which ingredients to stay far away from. Do not get trapped by advertising.