Some Bikini / Brazilian Waxing Tips

Bikini Wax Tips


It is good to exfoliate daily so as to limit ingrown hair. Do not shave your hair before your bikini wax as hair needs to be the appropriate length so that the wax can pull out this hair.

Search for the best person

It is better to find someone who is specialized as well as skilled in the bikini waxing area instead of someone who will just give you the service.

When to make the appointment

A point to keep in mind is that skin usually tends to be more sensitive near your period making waxing more painful. Therefore wax some days preceding your period or a few days after it.

Prepare the area

You can shower and then lightly exfoliate the full bikini area immediately preceding your appointment employing warm water. You need to be really clean. Stay away from employing lotions along with oils on your bikini area as these moisturizers may impact the wax procedure.

The length of the hair

It is necessary to have some hair if you want the wax to be able to hold upon it. This should not be too much in length that will make waxing hurt even more as well as lead to breakage along with missed hair. You can tell your technician to trim your hair to the correct length. It may be so that the salon has its own rules for trimming. For those who have really long hair, use scissors or your small electric razor so as to trim them as really long hair will really hurt much more than needed.

Scared of the pain?

If you are scared about this experience being too painful you can use numbing creams so as to make your skin not be extremely sensitive to the pain.

Tell what you want

Tell the amount of hair that you want removed and how much should stay.

See the different techniques

It may be so that the tech may ask you to aid in holding skin as well as moving around so that all the hair can be reached. Therefore know the various techniques employed.

What to remember after the wax

Something that you can use is aloe vera gel on post-waxed skin. Do not let heat along with sweat come upon that area. Have tepid showers. Stay away from hot yoga as well as heavy cardio for some hours. Saunas plus steam rooms should also be avoided. Try and wear clothes that are loose. Succeeding every rip, employ a baby wipe that is cool so as to soothe your skin. Try not to touch the area for at least 30 minutes after the wax. Perfumed lotion should be avoided for around 12 to about 24 hours succeeding waxing. Exfoliate after five days. When exfoliating use a loofah or maybe a gentle brush that should be employed over skin that is towel dried every other day. If your skin is sensitive then do it in the shower.