Sunless Tanning Preparation

Some Tips on How to Get Ready for a Sunless Tan

You may know that it is not good to expose your skin much to UV light. If you still wish to get a tanned look and that without sitting for long hours within the san you can try out spray tanning yourself. It may be beneficial to know how to make your skin ready for a spray tan.


You can exfoliate that body of yours. It has been said that those dry and rough skin patches you may have may attract as well as hold more color in comparison to skin that is smooth along with soft. Therefore if you do not exfoliate before the spray tan this has the ability to lead to blotchy patches present of dye upon your elbows, knees as well as other rough places.

Remove unwanted hair

Much body hair may not impair the potential of your spray tan to be able to stick to the skin that you have, but shaving soon after getting a spray tan has the ability to be detrimental. It can lead to color flaking off precisely from the skin that you have. Spray tans can actually be rather expensive therefore most people will want them to stay for some time.

Take appropriate clothes with you

It may be so that the precise spray tanning solution may stay damp for some time after you leave the tanning booth. If you do not wish the solution to rub off coming onto your clothes then take some T-shirts along with pants that are as loose as can be. Some spray tans are said to be able to stain clothing therefore think about taking clothes that are black or some other dark color. It has been said that certain fabrics actually permanently stain at the time that they touch the tanning solution. This includes silk, polyester, nylon along with wool. Try and avoid these fabrics when your spray tan is forming.


Try and wax at least around 24 hours preceding treatment. It is better if it is 48 hours before so as to let your pores close. You should not wax proceeding the spray tan and before the initial shower. Threading along with waxing of the eyebrows plus lips need to be done before the tan. It is claimed that it is fine to get eyebrows plucked on the same day proceeding the tan. Treading may be pursued proceeding the initial shower.

Eyelash extensions can be fine to have on. They are said to not impact the spray tan. Nevertheless because of the way that eyelash extensions tend to be put, you should put them before the spray tan. You can put them the same day preceding the spray tan, the reason being the gel pads and tape which is employed in the application procedure.




Try and moisturize a lot the day before, better if it is overnight. This may aid in stopping dryness and giving you a good tanning base.

Rinse products

You should rinse off products, moisturizers, perfume as well as oils plus make up preceding going to the spray tanning appointment that you have. Do not have lotion, makeup, oil as well as sunscreen upon the skin when it is your appointment, also if you have put these earlier within the day. You need to remove these things. If you need to put deodorant as you need to go somewhere after the spray tan then you can take some deodorant with you to put on afterwards when the tan has set.

Patch test

For those people who are new when it comes to spray tanning, you should pursue a patch test preceding the treatment so as to see if the tanning formula tends to suit the skin that you have.


For those who have long hair, you can take hair ties with you so as to let your neck’s back as well as shoulders be free.

Clean skin

After you have showered remember that your skin should be free from any traces of your product residue. You should not put any products upon your skin like moisturizer, makeup, perfume and deodorant.

Keep your nails safe

You can put clear nail varnish upon your finger as well as toe nails if you are afraid of the solution discoloring your nails.