Things to do Before A Waxing Treatment

before waxing tips

Choose your process

Choose the hair-removal method you wish to employ and then stick to this. For those who are treating a specific area with lasers then do not wax over there between your appointments. This is because you should not disturb the roots. It has been said that the hair’s root tends to be the target therefore it needs to be there when treatment is occurring. If you get rid of the follicle when waxing and tweezing, then the laser will not be able to produce its results.

Schedule carefully

Try and wax one week or maybe two proceeding your period, as the waxing may hurt less. It has been claimed that prostaglandin levels tend to be high immediately before the period therefore you may be more sensitive as well as more likely to swell. For those that are wanting to have multiple treatments, you may follow this order: start with your massage then wax, after this have your facial, pedicure, as well as manicure. It may be so that if you wax prior to a massage, you may experience the wax clogging pores and developing ingrown hairs.

Check your skin

You should check your skin prior to waxing. If you have broken skin and inflammation this needs to heal prior to you waxing. For those that have moles and beauty marks keep them safe whilst waxing.


You can exfoliate your skin in a gentle way one or maybe two days before waxing. Remember to not employ harsh scrubs on the day that you want to wax. It has been claimed that exfoliation aids wax in grabbing your hair and not your skin. Nevertheless it can also let your skin be more sensitive to the pain, therefore lighter is preferred. You can try using a rough washcloth for gentle exfoliation, remembering not to scrub very hard.


Moisturize your skin till the day of your waxing. Moisturize properly on the days that lead up to the wax. It has been claimed that skin that is healthy and well-moisturized lets the wax release more easily. Remember that much moisturizer may coat your hair and disturb the wax’s grip, therefore try and not moisturize on the particular day that you want to wax.

Skin of the bikini area must be kept clean

You need to keep skin that is present upon your bikini area very clean. This is because waxing may leave your skin vulnerable to unwanted infection. Places of your body which are usually warm plus damp tend to be more likely to experience bacterial growth.

Stop using retinol-based products

There are some medications which can sensitize your skin to waxing. It has been said that Retin-A type of creams leave your skin susceptible to unwanted injury during waxing. Therefore stop using retinol-based products particularly for about two weeks prior to waxing. Accutane employers need to halt taking their medication particularly for about a month prior to waxing. You need to first consult your dermatologist before making alterations to your medications.

Irritation, breakouts and sunburn

See if you have any areas that are experiencing this. You should treat them and then wait till you see they are properly healed before your waxing.

Moles and lesions

You should not wax over lesions, moles and skin tags because they could actually rip off whilst you are waxing. You can place a Band-Aid upon them so as to remind you. If you are getting waxed by an aesthetician tell them about these before the waxing starts.

Length of hair

You need to have hair that is long enough for wax to be able to grip it. If the hair is very short then the wax may not be able to pick it properly so as to remove it. If it tends to be very long then it may stop wax from adhering leading to more pain. It has been claimed that two to around three weeks particularly of growth may be fine for bikini, leg as well as underarm hair. The length of the hair can be ½ to ¾ precisely of an inch, i.e. 13 to 19 mm. Hair that is very fine for instance women’s facial hair, a little shorter may be fine.


Employ a gentle soap so as to clean the place that you wish to wax. Try and stay away from very hot water because this may actually irritate the skin.

Have a shower before

You can take a shower or maybe a bath prior to waxing. This may open up your pores and may let hairs come out in a less painful way. Stay away from employing moisturizer and deodorant upon the underarms and do not employ any product that may present an unwanted barrier to the wax as well as irritate your skin.